I Told President Mubarak

I Told President Mubarak from DocuLogia on Vimeo.

During the popular uprisings and demands for basic human rights and democratic representation and governance in the Middle East, we are often presented with a bi-polar picture of the intricate political spectrum from the region.

Correspondents and pundits offer a reductionist scenario of either pragmatically living with and accepting dictatorship, which is more than able to suppress any democratic aspirations, or paving the path for other types of totalitarian regimes ready and eager to take the reigns of the country.

Obvious loss of information and points of views are never seriously discussed, as we somehow feel ourselves trapped in debating the either/or scenario we’re being presented with.

The documentary tries to break free from this strait‐jacket by meeting and discussing politics with Hamdeen Sabahi, whose efforts to form a political party in Egypt echoes similar struggles throughout the country and surrounding regions.

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