DocuLogia offers courses and expertise in pre-production, production and post-production:

Research, location and casting, scriptwriting
Directing, producing

Scenes and shooting style
Camera operation and cinematography
Shooting format
Sound recording


Music and sound
Color correction
Titles and motion graphics

Production time-line
Budget and funding
Rights and Clearances


DocuLogia’ team members offer lectures on subjects related to media ethics and aesthetics, video journalism and the role and responsibility of the media, journalistic integrity and independency.

The role of alternative media
and independent film production
in contemporary practices

A current and popular development within documentary film stems from recent geo-political events around the world. These have led to widened awareness and resulted in independent productions that present an alternative to the information flow of the mainstream media.

It is an inventive force, which entails new uses of the documentary film format. The result is strong productions that examine mainstream media making, independent documentary film production and internet film activism. It tends to interact with the surroundings and commit itself to complex contemporary political and socio-cultural issues.
It also entails a new aesthetic, which is still finding its own vocabulary and rules of engagement with which to capture the attention of audiences, critics and experts worldwide.

Regardless of its growing popularity, audiences have only recently begun to be exposed to this trend and a great number of analytical and independent productions do not reach the general public. Often they deal with issues like identity, history and memory.

The lectures of DocuLogia approaches the social and aesthetic context of this type of documentary film making, explores its characteristics and scope, and displays it to local and regional audiences.