Corporate Social Responsibility

In an effort to inspire public opinion and expand the context of communication, journalism and documentationDocuLogia supports and develops activities situated between the community, citizen journalism, and the arts through particular commitments like film festivals, publications, seminars and urban screenings.
Doculogia approaches topical issues from unusual angles with the aim of debating socio-cultural and political events related to changes and challenges in our societies. DocuLogia’s activities have injected skills, visions and different thinking throughout its production, which supports relationships between journalism and documentary filmmaking and local communities.



DocuLogia team members have launched a series of international film festivals such as Coding-Decoding, Not on Satellite,  Sightseeing Lebanon, From the Middle East with Love, the Middle East Video Channel, and MidEast Cut. The festivals were all related to the Middle East but took place in Scandinavia, Europe, and Asia. DocuLogia also sets up seminars on issues like media representation, migration, mobility, aesthetic journalism, colonialism and difference, to help debate the position of media narratives, their function and responsibility in relation to society.