Media House
DocuLogia is a documentary film and multimedia house established in 2006. We provide a visual review of social and political encounters where video activism meets history, documentary realism and video journalism. Our team examines the role of contemporary media and its impact on society. We research, analyze, document and report how culture and politics interact.

DocuLogia is also a school of thought and since its establishment our team of activists has been organizing critical documentary film festivals, public screenings and talks. This is done to address approaches to video journalism, documentary film making, and to explore how political, cultural and scientific systems change the ways we think about the world around us.

Crew, fixers and support 
As a media house we offer production, consultancy and tutoring in all phases of documentary filmmaking, script writing, photographing, graphic and web design, and comprehensive post-production.

Our professional team of fixers facilitates permits, provides logistic support and translation services. It offers access to networks in various social environments, and provides filming and photography crews including equipment. Our team has in-depth local and regional knowledge and offers these services for documentary filmmakers who wish to film in Scandinavia, the Middle East, the region of Cyprus and Turkey, and Arab Gulf countries.

DocuLogia’s expanding archive contains a large collection of audiovisual material generated through 15 years productive history. The archive represents historic and contemporary material on wars and civil conflicts, socio-cultural and political affairs in a stretched geography that covers the modern history of Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, the region of Cyprus and Turkey, the Middle East and the Arab Gulf.

DocuLogia is composed of the two words “docu” and “logia”. “Docu” is included in words such as document, documentation and documentary, and generally refers to the act of recording reality. “Docu” is also an informal way of referring to documentaries, meaning films, TV programs and other publications that present social, political, scientific or historical subjects in a factual or informative manner. “Logia” is a Greek word meaning “sayings, utterances, oracles”. By combining the two words, we refer to the accumulated knowledge of documenting phenomena and events through documentary filmmaking.